Simple Stock Forecasting & Ordering Software for Pegasus & Exchequer

KC Stock Re-Order makes the process of ordering stock more accurate by utilising your historical stock levels and performance to predict the levels of stock you will require.

Take the Headache Out of Stock Re-Ordering:

  • Suggest order quantities for goods based on predicted requirements
  • Average modes uses data over a period of time for suggestions
  • Seasonal mode examines peaks and troughs from previous year

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Accurately Predict Future Stock Levels Based On Past Performance With Integration To Pegasus Opera 3 And Exchequer

With two modes available, average and seasonal, you can select the most appropriate approach to your data and stock re-ordering. Taking into account lead times for each item, our stock ordering software helps you to only order what you need, when you need it, helping to minimise stock holding and meet customer demand more efficiently. There are options within the stock ordering software to run calculations based on stock code, product groups or even supplier and the system will look at predicted demand, stock-in-hand as well as any expected or pending deliveries before providing a ‘suggested order’ value which can then be accepted, rejected or amended by the user. Orders are raised per supplier so that only one order is raised no matter how many items are required, helping to take advantage of savings on delivery charges.

A ‘view’ button allows for a drill down to any suggested stock item and automatically shows what is in stock, pending purchases and sales, lead times and preferred supplies – all in one easy-to-read screen.

Features Include:

    • Order stock based on historical performance.
    • Two separate modes for the most suitable stock forecasting method.
    • Minimise stock holdings whilst meeting customer demand.
    • Save time without removing control from the Warehouse Manager.
    • Account for planned growth with a built-in forecast percentage increase option.
    • Easily view a full overview of your stock, sales and purchasing situation.

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Whether working with a single level of construction or operating in a multi-level sub-assembly environment, KC BOM provides a structured approach and a range of easy to use features that can be customised to your requirements.

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The KC Cash Accounting software module adds additional functionality to Pegasus ensuring tax is only paid on a VAT return for invoices for which payment has been received – not on those which have been just invoiced.

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KC Credit Pursuit credit control software provides personal task lists, which allow each individual operator to ensure that all calls are actioned, all disputes are dealt with promptly and all outstanding debts are chased.

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